One should not leave hopes till last attempt!!!

miim aims to make understand meaning of life

Man is habitual of knitting hopes of various kinds. Some believe in small hopes and having achieved the same, prefer to be with them through out lives. While others who keep high hopes, do not compromise with little, but carry on the struggle, until the last stone of hopes is not touched.

For a student the hopes are unlimited. He not only wants to clear the present course with distinctions in all subjects, but also wishes to prepare himself for a course which could set his future. IPM-IIM Indore enjoys the honor of preparing market leaders of tomorrow as the institution is running a five year’s integrated course of management and has been successful in providing skilled youth to country from inception year.

Indian Institute of management (IIM) Indore is the only academic institution of our country, which is running IPM course for more than 3 years. The institute ranks high amongst the top academic institutions of India. Miim, the image management institute based at Indore has been assisting the aspirants of IPM-IIM Indore through correspondence course from last two academic sessions and was successful to provide maximum selections for IIM Indore in 2012 and 2013.

Atul Malikram, mentor, miim says” We have seen anxiety of students as well as their parents for identifying the sources through which they can approach their goals. The situation becomes critical when a student doing regular course, insists upon doing some parallel course for preparation of IPM. We understood the situation of wards and parents and decided to device such a course, which does not come in the way of regular course and a student doing 12th class can easily go through it along with regular course. We are happy that our efforts brought fruitful results and good number of students doing our courses got admission in IIM Indore for two years in succession.”

Miim with a view to provide further relief to students under going its correspondence course, have started SKYPE facility from this year. Now the students will have opportunities to converse with faculty members of miim on SKYPE pertaining to their queries/problems at any time, but with prior appointments.

We are sure that the new facility started at miim will facilitate the students to understand the correspondence course easily. Now they can easily plan timings for their regular as well as correspondence according to their convenience.


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