Mikrofax, a software design company, has announced the ability to customize its e-Procurement software to meet the needs of any customer. The company can customize any part of the eBuyerAssist software according to user requirements. Fixed price quotes on the asset management system are available once the written specifications are submitted.

Every customer, therefore, can have a unique application to work from. They are given a specific URL to access the online system. Changes include amendments to screens, reports, functions, and more so the client can choose how to handle order approvals and other functions. Changes are approved by dedicated, professional software experts.

The eBuyerAssist software is versatile and incorporates many functions. These include inventory control and control over how stock items are issued and managed. The program also offers web-based electronic requisition, accounts integration, vendor catalogs, supplier portals, and bid analysis. With Mikrofax’s Eprocurement software, clients can handle their operations and training 24/7/365.

Also, the company offers leading purchasing software , which can be customized as well. The program lets users monitor budgets, audit their approvals process, and manage many other business functions. This solution has worked for large and small businesses, government institutions, and security and military organizations.

Microfax has customized its software solutions for customers in the automotive, construction, engineering, education, financial, healthcare, IT services, retail, and scientific sectors plus many more. To learn more about what it can provide, go to www.mikrofax.com

About Microfax

Microfax employs software professionals who know how to develop solutions at the enterprise level. Founded in 1988, it was built on a background in purchasing systems and now provides packaged and custom-built applications based on the eBuyerAssist procurement software. The company has served a long list of companies and institutions in the private and public sector.