In today’s ultra-technology, fast-paced, highly competitive world, we have tended to concentrate on our kids’ brain development. We’ve gone nuts getting our children to be smart, to be at the top of their class and excelling in fields of discipline that will, in the future, land them in key corporate positions where they’d be calling the important shots.


Nothing wrong with that … except, somewhere along the way, we’ve forgotten to take care of the rest of their bodies, their hearts, feelings and emotions, which could pretty well be the reason why today, a large percentage of American kids suffer from obesity and our over-all health index leaves much to be desired.


Mill Basin Day Camp — The largest and one of the most popular Brooklyn, New York summer camps is Mill Basin Day Camp. The reason it’s become the biggest is because families have come to appreciate its important role in providing great summer fun for the kids while inculcating in them some of the other relevant aspects of skills development and healthy living.


Here’s what Mill Basin Day Camp in Brooklyn, New York is all about:


  • It creates a “sense of community living” — In this great expanse of natural environment, it shows kids how to live together and care for each other. They get to know and understand there are rules to live by, norms and ways of doing the right thing. It’s where the camper-kids learn how to grow up, stretching their emotional, physical, social and cognitive resources beyond the context of their immediate families.


  • It offers over 50 physical and creativity-related activities indoor and outdoor and facilities that spell awesome fun for the kids. Among these are :


  • A huge swimming pool with 4 thrilling, catch-your-breath pool slides. These pools vary in depth for beginners to advanced swim levels with Red Cross-certified instructors and twelve lifeguards overseeing.


  • Campers can try their hand at balance beams, ball pit, parallel bars, floor exercises and more, all under the supervision of competent and highly-trained staff.


  • 2 Dance studios. It’s one of the most popular activities in the camp. Renowned dancing instructors, Mr Kid and Carrie Daniels teach and demonstrate to the kids how to do the break, hip-hop, modern and jazz.


  • Drama Stage theatre — This is where talent shows and performances for the groups to sort of Hollywood-produce and put on for each other are done and would-be Dakota Fannings and Daniel Radcliffes are encouraged to show their acting potential and develop their film-starring or film-making inclinations.
  • Circus Program. In a safe and instructional environment, juggling, clowning, stilt walking and unicycles are some of the circus skills campers learn.


  • Arts and Crafts studio. Here, the kids can explore and be aware of their creative possibilities as they get into a craft program involving, wood, clay and 3D.


Beyond these, are several other fun-loaded programs and activities the kids can join in and participate. There is still the Working television Studio, Computer labs, Video Arcade, Jungle Gym, Karaoke Studio, Basketball Courts and a 15,000 square foot sports center and more, all geared towards creating the “I can” attitude in kids as part of their personality and character development.


Mill basin Day Camp  in Brooklyn New York provides growing up kids a rare fun experience while developing their personality in a natural environment that is meaningful, engaged and participatory. All leader staff are well-versed in CPR and First Aid. In water sports the overseers are licensed personnel. So … not to worry about your kids’ safety. Check them out today:  New York summer camps  .