India; 20, December 2014: Learning has no limits or boundaries and like any other thing in the world ways of learning has transformed itself over the decades. Innovative technologies and methods have been adopted by different institutions to offer the best possible platform for students to learn and grow. However, it is very difficult as a child or even a parent to decide which could be the best possible path to study and learn. In order to make this possible Mind Tech Group has come up with the latest and innovative test concept which facilitates both parents and students to understand the area they could excel in. The group is comprised of professionals who are from different fields and have come together for spreading the Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test Concept in India.

They have brought the DMIT platform to India which has been a popular platform in many developed nations. The institution is headed by Mr. Jimmy Amin and Mrs. Palak Amin. They have taken the initiative to not only spread the awareness of DMIT in India but many other countries across Asia. The DMIT technique was developed by scientists as well as research experts from some of the renowned universities in the world. The technique is based on the technology from Genetics, Dermatoglyphics, Embryology, and Neuroscience. In India they offer this scientifically approved and useful test which forms the basis for students to counsel on various issues. Upon conducting the tests, students are offered DMIT report listing down the conclusions based on their inputs.

Once these observations are provided, the counselor studies them and offers the guidance for students to select the right career path for them. The course is designed in a manner which is termed as midbrain which takes inputs and answers from students on specific interest and knowledge areas. For Midbrain activation and subscription customers may get in touch with the company on any of the contact details mentioned on the website. Over the last 5 years the records suggest that Primagma which is a university in Indonesia has already taken 1 million tests.

The company also presents an opportunity for various interest business houses and universities to take up its franchise and implement as well as offer the innovative tests to students in their respective regions. The company would provide all assistance and materials for the franchisees and help them to setup their own units.

About Mind Tech

Mind Tech is an innovative initiative which launches the platform of Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test in India. The company is headed by Mr. Jimmy Amin and Mrs. Palak Amin and looks forward to spread the awareness regarding these tests across the country. The structure and test contents are as per the popularly DMIT formulations which are there in other countries today.