India, 20th June 2014: It is very important to understand the hidden potential of the students as it helps them move towards the right direction. Technology has helped in analysing the potential of small kids in school and makes it easier to educate them easily. One of the recent innovations in the field of technology that has proved to be very helpful in analysing the intelligence quotient of the students is DMIT Software. This test is currently being started by Mind-tech in India and making people aware about these important tests.

DMIT is being used in US for various purposes but DMIT in India is fairly new for the people and only a professional can make them aware of its usefulness. It is very important to make a proper research before taking any kind of test or using these types on software. There are few people in India who know about this and only proper research can help them understand different aspects of this software. One must make sure that they are taking counselling from experts and people who are well versed with this technology. The DMIT technology has been developed by scientist and experts from renowned universities around the world. Professionals who understand the functioning of the software properly can provide proper consultation. If anyone goes to an amateur who does not have proper knowledge of this software then they might mislead them and people would end up wasting money and time.

The technique used in this technology is based on neuroscience, embryology, genetics, dermatology and psychology. It is a scientifically proven test and helps the students understand their potential and face the issues that might crop up in future. There are many universities in different parts of world that have made this test essential for the students. In Indonesia the Primagama university has made it important for the students to go through this test and go through proper counselling. Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test has not been explored in Asia properly and the professionals who are wel versed with this field can help the universities and parents to conduct these tests on the students.

It also provides new entrepreneurs a chance to take a good look at this software and use this concept in their work if they provide consultation to the students and school kids. DMI testt could prove to be revolutionary in India as people are in constant search for a proper test that can provide good counselling to them. Multiple intelligence test are always helpful as they help the students finding the correct way for their future. The students and people around them must make sure they stay on a perfect path and don’t get deviated. These types of tests are created for them as it could also be very useful in shaping up the career of a student.

About Mind-tech:


Mind-tech is a company based in India that is controlled by experts like Jimmy Amin, Mr. A. Bhandari and Mrs. Palak Amin. They have come up with the revolutionary DMIT concept that provides proper counselling to the students.