30, November 2015: Parents of gamers and computer fans certainly know about Minecraft. A virtual world that allows people to build and design anything they can imagine, Minecraft has a full line of toys, websites and even books to celebrate the game.

Most of the books are unofficial, but those who read them enjoy anything Minecraft related. Tomb of Tales’ first foray, Minecraft: Diary of a Minecraft Legend Hunter, was an immediate hit with readers, reaching #1 Bestseller in its category in its first day offered.

"We knew we were onto something, but there had to be a way to reach even more people. We know that Minecraft players are always looking for something new and different,” said David Splettstoesser.

Tomb of Tales is a huge supporter of Minecraft. They are giving away a copy of their first book free from November 29 to December 3 exclusively on Amazon Kindle.

The book follows Steve, just an ordinary miner who one day wakes up to see his trees stripped bare. He sets off on a quest to find the culprit and learns a few things along the way.

"Steve thinks he knows who did this, but his friends think he is crazy. The truth, as our hero learns, is much stranger than fiction,” said Splettstoesser.

100 percent of the Amazon reviewers have given the book a five star review.

"My sons words - “This book rocks, when I can I get more?” said Tasia.

The special will officially start on November 29, but Kindle Unlimited users can read for free now.

Learn more about the book, read reviews or preview at the Amazon.com website. Visit http://www.amazon.com/Minecraft-Legend-Unofficial-Diaries-Adventure-ebook/dp/B017T8WJKY/ref=sr_1_45?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1447410562&sr=1-45&keywords=minecraft+diary

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