20, October 2016: People like to visit those websites frequently that are dedicated to famous personalities to know about interesting phases of their lives and professions. Minhquanphan.com is one such website which clearly throws light on the life careers and achievements of young Vietnamese and top Classical Asian pianist called Minh Quan Phan. From this platform, fans can obtain many interesting information on the early life of this renowned Vietnamese pianist. This website clearly mentions that this famous composer of Vietnam was born in the year of 1995 in the Saigon City. It also mentions that this famous person had started learning the piano at the age of 16 under the supervision of Professor Sa Nguyen in Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music.

The website also reveals that the piano playing style of this pianist was strongly influenced by the musicians whom he had heard while visiting the family in Saigon during his early years of growing. From this website fans come to know that at the age of 17 this famous Vietnamese began to write songs professionally. His first album was released in the year of 2012 and it is titled “My First Journey”. With the help of this website fans have the chance to listen some of the well-known lyrical tracks of this famous pianist of Vietnam. From this website viewers can buy as well as share his album called Spring Waltz. The website mentions that in 2013 his piano piece “I Love N.Y” was a minor success.

The website also enumerates awards won by this famous player of piano for his contribution with unforgettable musical tracks in movies like “Doggy Poo’. In this platform fans will also have the scope to watch videos of his live performance to appreciate his musical talent. With the help of this website they can also catch the shows of Zing TV where this renowned pianist cum composer is performing as a host to interview famous personalities of classical music.

From this website, viewers can easily obtain the award lists of this famous personality. The first award won by this pianist was in the 2005 which is called Asian High S Music Competition. The website clearly ranks this promising musician to be the next big thing among the long line of Asian top classical pianist. It also suggests users to focus on the artistic genius of this famous Vietnamese in the year of 2016. At present this famous Vietnamese lives in Brooklyn area of New York.

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Minhquanphan.com is a website which is used to publish the life, works and achievements of renowned Vietnamese pianist and composer called Minh Quan Phan. Here users can listen to his notable musical tracks. For more information, viewers can visit this website anytime.