Lintgen, Luxembourg — Oct 25, 2015 — Rotarex, SA, announced today that its SRG business unit has introduced the industry’s first working gas level detector for LPG forklifts. Known as MLD, this minimum level detector system virtually eliminates LPG gas waste, reduces forklift downtime and maintenance costs, and improves operational safety.

Before MLD, forklift operators had no way to know how much LPG gas was remaining in a cylinder. Consequently, they would protect against running out of gas by changing cylinders at the end of a shift or simply when they thought it was nearly empty. A study conducted by Rotarex SRG found that, on average, 23% of LPG remained in the cylinder when it was replaced. The result is that a substantial amount of LPG gas is thrown away.

Now, with MLD, operators will be notified when gas levels are low. They will know with certainty when to change the cylinder. This reduces the waste of LPG gas and generates a significant cost savings.

In addition, warehouse managers report many instances where forklifts run out of gas while in operation. This forces the driver to walk back to the exchange cabinet to get a full cylinder. This not only causes downtime but is also a safety risk, as heavy cylinders need to be carried or hauled from the exchange cabinet back to the stranded forklift.

With Rotarex MLD, downtime is reduced by 12% while safety risks are mitigated.

Easy to install, Rotarex MLD is a phase detection sensor that recognizes the liquid and vapor phases of the LPG in the tank. Once the liquid phase in the tank is nearly depleted, the sensor detects the vapor phase and alerts the driver. Rotarex MLD is calibrated to ensure enough LPG gas remains to allow the driver to finish a task and return safely back to the storage facility.

Ingo Weinert, Managing Director of Rotarex SRG, said “warehouse managers will realize real cost savings and safety improvements, while forklift rental companies can get an excellent competitive advantage by helping their customers save money and improve their operations.”

MLD is now available through local distributors and installers around the world.

About Rotarex SRG
Founded in 1934, the company Schultz Rackow Gastechnik was acquired by Rotarex, SA, in 2000. Now known as Rotarex SRG, it is a world leader in premium quality LPG valves and regulators. Over decades of service to the LPG industry, SRG has gained a deep level of expertise that enables it to respond quickly to customer requests for innovative solutions that solve operational challenges. MLD is now the latest in a long line of technologically advanced products in its LPG portfolio. Alongside MLD, Rotarex SRG produces a full range of FLT cylinder equipment. For more details visit us at:

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