The all new Miracle Globe machine is an electro static therapy machine that can treat hundreds of unwanted health conditions.

New Lenox, Il, 11/2/2015 -- According to Miracle Alternatives, LLC they have one of the best holistic health machines in the world. This machine can be used to treat hundred's of unwanted health conditions including life-threatening conditions.

James Matthew CEO of Miracle Alternatives, LLC said, "We manufacture and sell the most unique and most advanced electro static negative therapy machine in the world. It is called the Miracle Globe(" If you are not familiar with electro magnetic negative therapy machines they are similar to a rife machine in that what it can be used to treat.

Here are the basics behind the Miracle Globe Machine;
1. The body is made of trillions of cells.
2. These trillions of cells make up the basic foundation that makes us what we are as human beings, as any living creature!
3. It's these trillions of cells that make us what we are and how we are supposed to live, feel and function as a human being.
4. Over time these cells become old.
5. When they become old they become weak, useless and can cause problems. Including serious even life threatening problems.
6. All of your bodies cells which are actually an infinite number vibrate at certain frequencies.
7. When these frequencies are off the human body physically and mentally can become ill, sick, mentally ill, full of pain, and even cause serious unwanted health conditions such as disease including but not limited to all forms of cancer and other life threatening diseases!
8. Western medicine recognizes the importance of our bosses cells and how they function as in their strength and vibrational properties.
9. Unfortunately western medicine and western medical practice chooses not to address the functioning of our bodies cells.
10. It's more profitable to treat illness, sickness, viruses, and disease with on going treatment instead of permanently curing it!
11. That being said is why we as human beings must decide to take a holistic approach to our health and well being!
12. The Miracle Globe? by using electrostatic negative energy technology tries to restore your bodies cells back to their proper strengths and frequencies!
10. The Miracle Globe? by using electrostatic negative technology also tries to kill off cells that are extremely weak that can cause unwanted health conditions including all forms of illness including cancer.

Listed below is just a short list of many unwanted health conditions!
Autoimmune Disease
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Erectile Dysfunction (With optional miracle wand)
Kidney Diseases
Muscular Dystrophy
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or (PETS)
Yeast Infections
Lame Disease
Mental Illness
Bipolar Disorder

Legal disclaimer: We make no claims or guarantee's that this machine or any of our machines will help or cure any of the above. For additional information please contact: James Matthew at Miracle Alternatives, LLC by phone (Phone: 1.888.870.5581), Fax (Fax: 1.815.854.4601) or email ([email protected]).

You will also find further information on our web site at

Summary: "We have just as many customers purchasing the Miracle Globe Machine( as we do that purchase the Miracle Rife Machine and the Miracle Gene machine combined. We have had go reports from past customers in which have purchased the Miracle Globe for the list of unwanted health conditions.." James Matthew said.

"Furthermore, I am not embarrassed to say that I, james Matthew have Bipolar Disorder and depression. After using the Miracle Globe for about 2-3 weeks I was able to get off all of my medication, some time I will use one medication, however before the Miracle Globe I was on seven different psychotropic drugs, in which are highly addictive.

For more information you may visit the Miracle Globe Machine web page for description and video demonstrations.

About Miracle Alternatives, LLC: Miracle Alternatives, LLC has been in business since 2013.

Legal disclaimer: Miracle Alternatives, LLC.
The success stories are representative outcomes. However, there are no guarantees, promises, representations and/or assurances concerning the level of future results. Furthermore Miracle Alternatives, LLC does not claim and or guarantee the products they sell will prevent or cure any type of sickness, illness, pain, virus and diseases.

James Matthew
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