Hollywood, CA; 01, August 2015: There are thousands of blogs and websites offering NEWS about celebrities, world events, fashion and sports, but very few stand up to the accuracy standards and influence of websites like TMZ, Huffington Post, and Vanity Fair. The problem is, each of these sites seems to have it’s own focus: TMZ is known for celebrity gossip, Huffington Post delivers NEWS from within the political arena, and Vanity Fair focuses on fashion. As a result, once a reader has found a handful of websites they trust for keeping them abreast of all things “trending,” it can become tedious bouncing from one location to the next gathering the day’s news. That’s where the innovative website MiseeHarris.com has filled a niche.


MiseeHarris.com is a one-stopsite for reading all the latest headlines about Celebrities, Music, TV, U.S. and World Events, Fashion, Sports and more. Misee Harris recapspopular culture’s biggest stories of the day in a single location. No more going to five or more websites to find the information desired.

There are no fees, registration or “members-only” sections. The website is free to the public and has plenty of information featuring the newest trends, gossip, politics and the rest of the news people love to read each day. Now, it can all be found in one place.

MiseeHarris.com also has a focus on beauty and fitness with real world tips and proven health advice. Here, visitors can find the newest and best trends in hair, makeup and accessories or learn about the benefits of going “raw” for their next diet cleanse.

The site has made every effort to cover the kind of news today’s web readers want. “We deliver the biggest headlines of the day in one place,” says founder Misee Harris who was a Pediatric Dentist before she became an Internet media mogul. “We’ve filtered the stories for accuracy, impact and relevance in today’s world so that intelligent readers can get all their news on one trusted website.”

Recent topics of note include the tragic passing of Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina and the controversial death of Sandra Bland. Both segments feature up-to-date developments and information coming from reliable sources.

Sports fans will find plenty about their favorite athletes and teams.One article highlights Adrian Petersonwho recently inspired fans with his “Armor of God” tattoo and Instagram post. In another, Stephen Curry’s extraordinary fall on the basketball courtwas captured on video and spotlighted on the site.

Have a favorite singer or rapper? There is plenty of hot music news to find at MiseeHarris.com, including videos and sneak peeks of upcoming singles, albums and tour dates.

Social media is a big part of the infrastructure of MiseeHarris.com and all the top social media sites are prominently displayed, and easy to use, so visitors can share what they read and find on the site right from their mobile phones or tablets.

The MiseeHarris.com website attracts loyal readers who insist on accurate celebrity NEWS, haute couture fashion reports and healthy, proven beauty tips. Go to www.miseeharris.com for your one stop shop for the latest celebrity gossip, entertainment, and trending topics.

About Misee Harris:

Dr. Misee Harris is a Pediatric and Sports Dentist, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and budding media personality, Dr Misee Harris is at the top of her game. One of the top experts in the dental field, Harris holds a degree in Dental Medicine from the University Of Kentucky College Of Dentistry, where she became the first African American female to be accepted into a residency in pediatric dentistry at the University.

Always seeking to improve the practice of dentistry, Harris created a patented mouth guard called ProFit Athletic Mouthguards, which encourages kids to wear the proper protection when in engaging in sports with its fun, trendy designs. Knowing the importance of a properly fitting mouth guard in sports, she created ProFit Athletic Mouthguards to fit more comfortably in the mouth yet protect more effectively than the standard mouthguard. As Misee’s media exposure has grown, so has her resume. She has created her own YouTube channel, lifestyle blog, and has recently co-produced a web series with Emmy award winning producer Chris Silber. Misee’s mission is to speak out on the positive and productive depiction of black women in media and to communicate that anything is achievable regardless of skin color, gender or social status. She resides in Los Angeles, California.

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