Fenton, Missouri; 12, October 2016: In the past, installing ducting for a factory or a work environment used to be a complex and time-consuming project. Nordfab Ducting has revolutionized the industry with ducting pieces that clamp together in seconds. Business owners can spend less time worrying about keeping their environment safe. Instead, they can put more effort into building up their output.

Now, ductingsystems.com is pleased to see that their innovative method has caught on. What started as a solution for removing dust from wood cutting has expanded. Their ducting is the preferred solution in hundreds of industries and countless work environments. What made Nordfab Ducting the ideal choice for business owners?

Easy To Add To An Existing System

One of the key benefits is that the ducting can be used as an expansion or improvement rather than a replacement. If there is already a ducting system in the work environment, business owners can still use the Nordfab solution. Their system can be added to a new area in the business and is completely adaptable.

Seconds To Install

Once a company has ordered a new system from Nordfab Ducting, it can be installed within seconds. There’s no delay and no lost time while the factory or work environment is altered. Instead, the system can be used on the same day as installation. This is a huge benefit for businesses where any downtime could be a massive disadvantage for them in a competitive industry.

Since the system is completely adaptable, it can change as the business environment evolves. New pieces of ducting can easily be added so that the system grows along with the business.

Any Material And All Uses

The ducting was originally designed to remove wood and dust particles from the atmosphere. More recently, it has been adapted for wet, oil and abrasive application. This has made the system an indispensable add-on for multiple industries where keeping the environment safe and clean is a top priority. They provide to a variety of companies from boat building to plastic manufacturing. Nordfab Ducting is the solution business owners need to keep the workspace safe.

Custom Designs

Business owners have different needs when it comes to keeping their environments clean. That’s why Nordfab Ducting is proud to offer a completely free design service. Business owners can use this option to ensure they get the ducting system they need in their factory.

About Nordfab Ducting:

With a fast turnaround of just two to five days and an excellent record, Nordfab Ducting is a key player in the manufacturing industry. Their aim is to provide a fast, easy solution. The business is proud to see more companies buying their product and using it in their factories. They hope to continue this level of growth for years to come.

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