Los Angeles, California; 11, July 2015: By appealing to a wide variety of audiences, the music of Mitchell Thomas reaches audiences with a wide range of musical tastes. He creates a unique blend of rock, hip hop, jazz, and world music. Highlighting his more than ten-year career as a composer, singer, and guitarist, his genre-blending art is raw, yet carefully engineered; a testament to his artistic and cultural diversity. Having studied guitar and composition for more than ten years, Thomas released his first solo record in 2005 by the name of A Maze In Grace. After its success in the world market scene, Thomas traveled to West Africa and southern Spain to learn new instruments and styles to incorporate into his new album. Air Plain.

Hoping to create a response to his music, Air Plain breaks plenty of conventions and incorporates styles from a number of different cultures. His hope is that his music serves more of a purpose than simply entertainment, but as a way for listeners to uplift their spirits. From fundamental American rock mechanics to flamenco style Spanish guitar to the kora, a 21-string harp and lute mix from West Africa, each track on the album is an experience in cultural diversity and separation from mainstream music. Thomas' characteristically low vocals add a warm and soothing quality to the record, and his lyrics are thoughtful and provocative. Recorded at a home studio, the album has an organic feel and is backed by Thomas’ knowledge of studio guitar, which he is receiving a Masters degree in from USC.

Air Plain will release on July 16th. Available on CD Baby and Amazon, Air Plain is a diverse record that is edgy, insightful, and easily relatable. Now with a group of prominent musicians, Thomas is planning a winter tour throughout California and the Pacific Northwest. For more information on Mitchell Thomas, Air Plain, and his unique brand of soulful, diverse music, check out http://www.mitchellthomasmusic.com or his YouTube channel showcasing his latest videos.

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