Denver, Colorado — Megan Kaltenbach has receive recognition for her jewelry in the past, but one of her favorite “kudos” is being written up in Luxe Interior + Design for her home state of Colorado. As part of the December 2013 issue, Megan’s jewelry was featured as one of the “Insider Hot Spots.”

According to Luxe Interior + Design, MKaltenbach is creating “impactful statement pieces” that make it “hard to believe that MKaltenbach is the result of a former fashion model’s spare time.” However, that is exactly what Megan Kaltenbach’s line of jewelry is all about.

When Megan Kaltenbach lived in New York City, pursuing her dream of becoming a fashion model, she found that she had a real talent for designing lovely jewelry pieces. Upon returning to her native Colorado, Megan began a line of original jewelry based on inspiration taken from the state’s beautiful outdoors and natural features as well as its rich cultural heritage. Today, MKaltenbach offers designer fashion jewelry at and unique handmade jewelry at that speaks to everyone with its diversity and beauty.

For more information about Megan and her line of jewelry, visit her website at . The MKaltenbach write up in Luxe Interior + Design Colorado can be seen at

About MKaltenbach:

MKaltenbach is the creation of Megan Kaltenbach, a former fashion model who designs beautiful and unique agate jewelry as well as pieces from many types of stones and materials. MKaltenbach is recognized as a unique jewelry vendor offering one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry for every occasion.

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