United Kingdom: One of Belfast’s most respected, forward thinking, and innovative law firms has today announced they are now accepting online payments from clients. 

MKB Law Solicitors understand completely that clients often find it much easier to meet their financial commitments if a little flexibility is provided. They pride themselves on offering a service which is as fair and stress free as possible for everyone they work with, and launching this new feature as an integrated part of their website will help to achieve that goal. Will other firms follow suit in the near future? Are MKB Law effectively legal industry trendsetters? Very probably. 

As MKB Law act as representation for both small and large businesses, it’s important they stay in touch with all the needs of their clients, which partly explains why the new evolution in process has come about. Often, the people MKB Law assist day in day out are in difficult situations where they are facing possible financial disadvantage from suppliers, other businesses, and even ex-partners. The last thing they need is further difficulties making legal payments.. 

At the current time, MKB Law specialise in six main areas of law, although their abilities stretch wider than these categories; 

* Property – For people who are moving home or investing in the property market, MKB Law can deal with all legal aspects from the beginning to the end. 

* Business – No matter what your company does or what situation you find yourselves in, this specialist law firm has dedicated experts ready to help. 

* Claims – If you’ve been injured through no fault of your own, MKB Law will happily look at the case and advise on the best course of action. 

* Wills – Writing a last will and testament can mean the difference between having your money go to the government, or to your family. MKB Law know precisely what needs to be written, and they’re also excellent at providing advice on any aspect of this endeavour. 

* Disputes – Whether you’re involved in a personal, or a commercial dispute, experts solicitors are ready to present your case in the most professional way possible and achieve the outcome you desire. 

* Family – Dealing with matters relating to family can be very stressful, but MKB has some of the best representatives waiting to help you make it through this most difficult of times. 

Anyone who wants to find out more about the services provided by MKB Law Solicitors in Belfast can do so by visiting their website, or using the contact information included at the bottom of this page. No matter what situation you find yourself in, the expert solicitors at MKB Law are ready and willing to work on your behalf to get you back on track. 

For Media Contact:
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Phone: 028 9024 2450
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