My Lead System Pro (MLSP) - MLM System for Lead Generation

MLM lead generation systems, or MLM systems, are specially designed internet marketing systems for mlm'ers. Historically, individual network marketers were required to develop their own systems, requiring sizable cash investment, implementation delays, and aptitude. It was therefore unrealistic for almost every seasoned and for sure most beginner multilevel marketers.

To fulfill that market need, MLSP built just such a system, however planned it for straightforward, immediate and affordable implementation by just about every multilevel marketer. The system is "universal", therefore it won't matter the primary MLM organization the user is involved in. This is due to the method taken for lead generation, usually called attraction marketing.

Market Positioning With the MLSP MLM System

My Lead System Pro is founded on attraction marketing, highlighting an individual, not their MLM company. Using market positioning, MLSP members are unique compared to the usual networker, as first-class leaders which will fix the lead generation difficulties that multilevel marketers have. When giving solutions and giving value (that downlines usually never get from their uplines), affiliates are drawn to MLSP members, and relationships are developed upon this leadership footing.

Network marketing is a relationship profession. Aggressive mlm'ers who want to grow strong organizations pray for supportive relationships with great leadership. As a result of the MLSP MLM system, some will want to sign up with your primary business to create tremendous synergies, and go on to personally take advantage of the MLSP system themselves, building fast duplicating groups.

This approach has proven to be tremendously productive for MLSP members and their downlines, developing many top sponsors and top dollar earners over a variety of multilevel marketing organizations.

Affiliate Marketing and the Funded Proposal

Brand new network marketers are hit with the fact that ours is not a quick business. The labor commences today, but the earnings are made later. Terrific for residual income, yet not terribly useful in paying your rent today!

Affiliate marketing is in essence earning checks for directing buyers to a business. You get commissions for any purchases made. The MLSP system itself provides its members affiliate commissions, in addition to over a dozen related products that multilevel marketers may implement, such as domain name services, autoresponders and quite a few training courses.

Now here's the impressive part. Whilst you are developing leads for your primary company, MLSP and other companies are giving you income. You're getting compensated for prospecting! This is called a funded proposal system, providing you revenue NOW, in order to fund your network marketing operation while it gets up and running.

Affiliate commissions just by themselves could be quite lucrative. Add your MLM cash flow and you'll generate multiple streams of cash flow at the same time. It's a no brainer!

What's Included?

Training - Outstanding guidance on the MLM system, however most valuable is the training library that includes hundreds of trainings from top recruiters on all subjects on MLM online marketing and traditional strategies as well. That alone is worth a lot more than the price of the system!
Marketing Materials - Whether its Facebook page templates, emails, live training invitations, videos or articles, MLSP provides whatever you must have to get rolling fast and professionally.
Weekly Webinars - Every Wednesday, MLSP hosts awesome totally free webinars. Not only are the events enormously valuable to you, but you're able to invite all of your leads and develop additional leads with invitations. The no cost training you are delivering builds your caliber with your prospects.
Lead Capture Pages - High quality customizable capture pages can be utilized as is, or tailored to your liking. These pages empower you to grow your list giving a value offer to your prospects.
Autoresponder - MLSP includes a built in autoresponder with a pre-designed drip campaign built in. (Attention: I suggest, and so does MLSP, that you get your own AWeber setup. Your list is your biggest and most prized asset, so you need to build and maintain it yourself!)
Affiliate Programs and Promotion - Affiliate programs are already managed in the MLM system, all you have to do is enable them. MLSP will market the programs to your list for you, adding fast affiliate income on autopilot.
Tracking - Graphs and tracking allows you to monitor your results, track your checks and test your marketing methods.

Using MLSP

Getting going with MLSP is simple. Merely click on to their site and subscribe. It takes just minutes. Then, you will be directed through a setup program with helpful, short, step-by-step videos. During this process, you will be personalizing your MLM system and getting it ready to work for you.

Best practice: Adhere to the steps in order, and don't skip ahead. Finish every step thoroughly. Or else, you will waste time and certain things are tough to undo!

Next, another program of training videos will coach you through marketing training, at the beginning basic, then more advanced. These trainings will teach you how to start utilizing the MLSP system in your offers.

Best practice: Pick ONE marketing approach, whether blogging, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn marketing, pay per click, etc. Study one approach and get it producing daily leads for you prior to moving on to the next.

Learn, learn, learn. MLSP has so much to offer. Take time to develop your skills to become an MLM pro. Commit yourself to using the system for at least 6 months or better yet, a year. Some network marketers get results faster than others depending on their skills, availability of time, and amount of effort. You WILL generate leads and develop your organization if you keep at it!
WARNING: You MUST put forth some effort. Unless you're already an internet marketer or techie type, some of the concepts will be foreign to you and confusing. But help is always accessible, so just believe that you can work through anything you are challenged by! MLSP's customer service is unbelievable and by joining your MLSP sponsor's primary business, you'll have access to them too.

The Bottom Line.

If you are a network marketer, join My Lead System Pro NOW! It is the single best investment you can make for your business. Period. The people are genuinely helpful, and you will definitely become a part of the MLSP community.

Karyn Weger is a top Network Marketing Coach both on- and offline. Her unique style combines old school methods with state-of-the-art online marketing techniques to teach this powerful combination to struggling network marketers who want to explode their MLM businesses. If you want to know how Karyn's amazing system generates dozens of hungry network marketers to her business, without bothering family and friends, and without embarrassment or rejection, visit Karyn's MLM Success Factors now.