Trident Academy mixed martial arts (MMA), a pioneering mixed martial arts training centre in northern Virginia, advises that those who are just beginning to train should take care of the three important basics; the mental, physical and nutritional aspects of training. Without such a solid foundation, even the most vigorous training or the “fancy techniques” would not be as effective and might even cause long-term damage. A company spokesperson explained that, to illustrate, one cannot take supplements such as creatine and then proceed to the nearest fast-food establishment to gorge on large sized milkshakes, burgers and platters of fries. MMA training, especially for beginners, cannot work this way. 

Trident Academy emphasizes that building one’s nutritional, mental and physical bases requires time, even years, which means that anyone who wants to engage in MMA should understand that they are in it for the long haul and indeed have to make significant changes to their lifestyle. As with other things, patience plays a central role in succeeding in MMA and while some fancy new workout can help in one’s progress, it is continuous dedication that is required to improve in the discipline. Becoming an MMA fighter does not happen overnight, as the physical body must be built, and the training involves not only the physical but the mental faculties too. 

For those who want to try out their hand in MMA, Trident Academy offers beginners a chance to book for a free lesson so that they can decide if MMA is something for them. A pioneering MMA institution in the northern Virginia area, Trident Academy has carved a reputation for its excellent training principles and the proven effectiveness of its defensive techniques. Founded in November 1998, the Academy is home to an elite team of world-class instructors whose wide-ranging qualifications and experience will fully benefit any avid MMA trainee. 

About Company: 

Founded by former US Navy Seal Pat Tray in 1998, the Trident Academy of Mixed Martial Arts is the first MMA training centre in Northern Virginia. It has gained renown in focusing more on teaching its students practical martial arts, and specifically in emphasising effective self-defence. For more information about the company, visit its website at . 

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