A website dedicated to providing popular MMO guides, mmosguides.com has added a list of reviews to its content, maximizing its value to gamers who frequent this online resource. The products on the site include a WOW guide. Tens of thousands of players of World of Warcraft have access to reviews on WoW Secrets and the Zygor WoW Guide.

Each MMOS Guides World of Warcraft guide is reviewed with star ratings featured. These include the overall five-star rating system based on opinions by the author and the users, plus rankings for presentation, content, results, and value. For each review category, an explanation is provided so users understand exactly how the guide is presented and what the quality of the content is like. The results section details what the guide accomplishes, while an assessment of its overall value is provided.

The same structure can be seen in the review for the MMOS Guides Fifa Ultimate Team guide and others featured on the website. Other guides reviewed online include Neverwinter Online Secrets, Summoner School — League of Legends Guide, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Guru, and a MMOS Guides Starcraft 2 guide .

Screenshots, videos, and buttons linking to full reviews provide readers with lots of detail for making decisions which can enhance their gaming experience.

In addition, each review has a link to the guide homepage, making the site even more convenient. The website is also searchable and visitors can leave comments on the reviews to offer their input. Each guide featured can also be accessed via efficient dropdown menus at the top of the page.

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