Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn occurs in the imaginary world of Hydaelyn. There is a rich world that is filled with the multiple settings and weather that cover three big continents. The game is set in the continent known as Eorzea. The olden lore asserts that Eorzea was known to be the land that was covered by The Twelve, the earliest deities of Hydaelyn. These deities bounced them with the life of Hydaelyn from the Mother-crystal. It is the responsive crystal that is one of the vital points of the fable of Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn. offers ffxiv cheap gil. Eorzea is divided into the multiple city-states. The players can begin their journey from three city-states. These three city-states incorporate the Nation of Gridania, the thalassocracy of Limsa Lominsa and the Sultanate of Ul’dah. You can buy cheap ffxiv gil at your nearest online gaming house. 

Beside, there is the theocracy of Ishgard, the city of scholar of Sharlayan. This is the barren lands of the Mor Dhona. It is the occupied city-state of Ala Mhigo. There is the continent of the north of Eorzea and it is the home towards the Garlean Empire. It is a military that finds the people of Eorzea as backward and matured for invasions and acts as the prime competitive forces of the game. The changing from the periods of wealth and civilizations guides the olden times of Erozea. These are the Astral Eras. And the periods of devastation and calamity belong to the Umbral Eras. Saving time in the repetitive nature of grinding Gil in the Final Fantasy XIV ARR, the players can procure Final Fantasy 14 Gil in the most affordable cost. Every era caries the features of one of the ingredients of the world. 

The Twelve disappeared just after the First Umbral Epoch. It is accompanying the age of the existing inhabitants of Eorzea. The Sixth Astral Epoch of Light was concluded during the ultimate moments of Final Fantasy XIV while the Seventh Umbral epoch took place. When the events of Final Fantasy XIV occur, Garlean Empire releases a campaign to restrain the beastmen and the city-states of Eorzea. Concluding, one of their Legatus, Nael van Daruns applies the olden magic as well as the technology to call second moon of Hydaelyn. The second moon is known as Dalamud. Buy Final Fantasy 14 Gil from your online gaming house, 

It could drop over Eorzea and rinse it. However, the Legatus is defeated, the harm is done. The moon continues to drop. The Garlean Empire along with Eorzean alliance ultimately conflict with the Carteneau Flats in Mor Dhona. It is the collision site of Dalamud. 

As the fight continues, Dalamud is broken up over the sky. It unlocks the earliest Primal Bahamut. This proceeds to begin placing the wastes to Eorzea. It is bringing about the Seventh Umbral Epoch. As there is the effort to reseal the fails of Bahamut, the Archon Louisoix sends the remnants of the Eorzean army of the coalition. It incorporates the adventurers. These are the characters of the players move into the future. The rest is available to deal with the particular death. You can buy cheap ffxiv gil from your nearest online gaming house at 

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