Realistic strategy mobile games are more popular than ever, and game developer Tkan recently announced the release of a free new game in this category, “Mission-S” that's sure to be a quick favorite.  Players choose a Vietnam-war era helicopter and set out to complete exciting missions, combining strategy and reflexes in a fun and challenging experience.

01 October, 2015
There's certain categories of games that never grow old, especially when delivered on mobile platforms.  One of these is certainly realistic military strategy games.  Mobile game developer Tkan has good news for player who enjoy the genre, recently announcing the release of their helicopter air mission game “Mission-S” for both iOS and Android.  Players have responded with enthusiasm.

“We put a great deal of work into 'Mission-S' and are proud of the results,”  commented Nhat Nguyen, game developer from Tkan.  “We know this is a game players are going to love, especially people who love military action.  We tried to stay focus on balancing realism and fun, while bringing in the more popular helicopters from the Vietnam war era.”

According to Tkan, players start with first helicopter (Hawk) and when a certain number of missions are completed they move on to the next and this continues until all the helicopters are used and missions are completed.  This progression is being credited as making the game even more exciting and addictive keeping game play fresh even as the challenges become more difficult.

“Mission-S” is a free download at both the iTunes and Google Play stores.

Early feedback has been very positive.

Chris C., from New York, recently said,  “Mission-S is super addictive fun.  I can hardly put it down and my friends love it too.  I can't wait to see what else Tkan releases in the future.  Fully recommended.”

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