It is all about the mobile experience today. Nobody wants to sit at home glued to their computer doing what they do. Everyone wants to multitask and let their mobile device do all the heavy lifting for them. And, a converter that helps make this possible is the 3GP to MP4 Converter . What this program does is make all existing videos mobile ready.

At times when a user needs to access a video on his phone or tablet on the go, he or she has to have the right media player to be able to do this. Also, the media player should be versatile enough to support the file format. Majority of the times either of these don’t happen. That said the MP4 format files are the most mobile friendly and they can also be played on many players that mobile phones have. It is therefore, a smart thing to do to have MP4 files on the phone or tablet for quick and easy play.

The 3GP to MP4 converter makes this happen. The converter converts all redundant 3GP files to mobile friendly format, the MP4. The same can also help those who have trouble finding a good converter to play video files on their computer. In addition to these benefits the new 3GP to MP4 converter is free and compatible with a large number of operating systems.

Just a week old, this converter is already making headlines in the market. And, those who are on the fence about trying it out in the fear that they will not understand what to do with it, the converter comes with a self-explanatory guide that is a complete life saver. To know more and download the program, log onto

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