Data may be required to be backed up or transferred to android  or computer device for a multitude of reasons. In order to ensure that one can do this effectively has reliable features for mobile phone data transfer.

2nd December 2015 — enables individuals to transfer all their mobile phone data to another phone or a computer device. This particularly plays an important role when one wishes to backup their data or transfer their content from their old phone to their new one.

One can choose to transfer a vast variety of content from their mobile phones including contacts, messages, photos, apps, music files and the likes. can be used with iPhone, Android, Nokia as well as Blackberry phones. Therefore, it is extremely compatible with iOS9, Android 5.0 and even Windows 10.

Transferring data from the android to other devices for either backup or transfer purposes is extremely easy and takes place in 3 easy steps. All one is required to do is connect their android mobile phone and make a selection of the files that they would like to transfer,for more detail you can chick  android file transfer pc(

MobileTrans takes just one click and the work is done without any loss in the quality of the content transferred. is available for over 3000 phones making it accessible to people all over the world. In addition to supporting several phones it also supports a multitude of file types as well. For details and specifications or to purchase the software, you can get in:

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