Mobiliya, an AgreeYa Mobility company, today announced the launch of Mobiliya Edvelop, a windows 8.1 and Android based Learning Management System that is deployed on Microsoft Office 365. Leveraging the power of office 365Mobiliya Edvelop, a Learning Management system, enables a digital classroom for students and teachers. via in class learning, remote learning, assignments, tests, class libraries, live audio-video sessions, time table access, notice boards and discussion boards — all powered by the Microsoft office 365 for education. Mobiliya Edvelop leverages the infinite capabilities of Microsoft Sharepoint, Exchange, Lync and OneDrive, packaged together in the office 365 bundle and provides custom workflows that allow students and teachers—separated by time and distance—to remotely connect and communicate on personally-owned Windows 8 and Android laptops and tablets.

“Universities and schools in emerging markets are distributing tablets to students to enable them to get acclimatized to the global scenario. They also understand the importance of digital classroom in the whole learning pedagogy. The management wants the student to stay connected on an LMS,” says Krish Kupathil, CEO of Mobiliya. “Indian and China geographies are the key to our product success. Indians and Chinese traditionally have paid a lot of attention on education and will now adopt custom differentiated tablets for education sector. Both public and private school will want it”

Tablets, smart phones and cloud-based collaboration tools are not only revolutionizing the workplace, they’re also enabling educational institutions to take quantum leaps forward. With Edvelop students have the freedom to learn at their own pace in their own space. The platform enables virtual classrooms using a simple single-user deployment tool and administration dashboard, capable of managing entire universities.

Emphasizing an easy-to-use experience for both learners and educators, Mobiliya Edvelop offers an alternative to the traditional classroom environment with online and offline tools that provide easy access to live lectures, class libraries, online testing, assignment submission and performance scorecards to assess progress. The Microsoft-backed platform also enhances classroom interaction and engagement by providing educators innovative tools for creating individual learning paths and workflows for students, developing live-video presentations and lectures, creating group collaboration spaces, administering online tests, and housing assignments, content libraries and real-time attendance reports. Edvelop also serves to reduce educator time spent on non-teaching administrative activities, such as grading, data-entry, paperwork and course management.  “We aim at simplicity for the users and harness the power of Office 365 for Edvelop in prepackaged education workflows. We have revolutionized the classroom by deploying Mobiliya Edvelop and far ahead of what others are doing in this space” adds Ankush Tiwari MD and SVP for Mobiliya.


Mobiliya Edvelop is fully compatible with Mobiliya Shoonya, a comprehensive solution for extensible device management, and Mobiliya KratOS, a secure enhanced Android platform and supports Windows 8 and Android tablets.

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ABOUT MOBILIYA: Mobiliya Technologies, an AgreeYa Mobility company, is a global product and solutions company that designs and builds differentiated devices for a variety of vertical industries, consumers and enterprises, providing customers with compelling, sustained market advantages. With development centers in the United States, Canada, Poland, India, China and South Korea, Mobiliya boasts a comprehensive innovation driven mobility portfolio for cloud to device. Mobiliya offers localized and specialized smartphones and tablets for mobile OEMs and operators; Mobiliya Secure, a customizable, secure enterprise-grade Android platform; Mobiliya Manage, a flexible MDM product; Mobiliya Onvelop, an enterprise mobility platform for companies of all sizes; and Mobiliya Edvelop, a collaborative, mobile-learning platform for schools and universities. Mobiliya’s customers and partners include some of the biggest names in technology. For more information, visit