Although we talk about modern or contemporary furniture we talk about furniture designs that were ideated in the early 19th century and developed during the era of modernism. This is when furniture transformed from being visually heavy to visually light. Some of the best known furniture designers of all time belong to the modernism era and this is why this era is called the golden age of furniture designing. So when you go out to buy modern furniture Brisbane or modern furniture Gold Coast you should consider those names that contributed massively to furniture that we see today.


There are some world renowned names associated with modern furniture design. Some of the most prominent names that come to mind are those of Eileen Gray, Le Corbusier, Lilly Reich, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Marcel Breuer and Walter Gropius. These furniture designers were the forerunners in the designing of modern furniture that was then taken forward by Eames, Noguchi, Saarinen, Knoll and so many others. What we see today are inspired by what these designers created but there have been countless other contributors to modern furniture.


Enough of nostalgia and now let us see what is meant by modern furniture. You need to know what to consider when you plan to buy modern furniture Brisbane or modern furniture Gold Coast. If the points below don’t suit your style then you may change your thought and think of buying antique furniture, among others.


Functionalism is one of the main features of modern furniture Brisbane or modern furniture Gold Coast. This means you get those features that are dual or more in nature. So, if you buy a modern bed you also get storage space built into it. This is something unique about modern furniture. Today when most people stay in apartments and space is premium these additional functionalities matter a lot.


In functionalism there are two aspects that are important. The first aspect is modularity. This means one piece of furniture serves dual purposes. A bed box is a perfect example of this where a box under the bed can be used as storage space. The other aspect is space saving. A modular kitchen is an example of how space can be saved inside the kitchen using innovative furniture designs.


As far as design is concerned you will find simplicity dominate in modern furniture Brisbane or modern furniture Gold Coast. The edges of the furniture pieces defined and straight, something that anyone can comprehend. The visualization can be, at times, asymmetrical. Modern furniture goes beyond what is established and this is where the design is different. The colour patterns have also changed in modern furniture design. The wooden and brown colours have given way to colours like lavender, peach, baby pink, powder blue and mint green and so on.


This is what modern furniture is all about — it is different in many aspects. When you look for modern furniture Brisbane or modern furniture Gold Coast you should be prepared to adjust your ideas.



Modern furniture Brisbane or modern furniture Gold Coast could be different in many aspects and this is what makes the design so different from the established design patterns.