Hollywood, CA; July 16, 2013: Mohr Publicity is a public relations agency built for the digital universe. Their 40+ social media and PR technicians have been delivering Fans, Followers, Views and Traffic to companies since 1997, and specialize in promoting a company and its projects through a combination of effective Social Media promotions, Internet Press Releases and Traditional Media. 

Mohr Publicity has launched an upscale arm to their services called Mohr PR, which provides a Golden standard of PR services to their bigger clients. These new service packages specially cater to high-end, star quality, corporate level business clients who are looking for exclusive, extraordinary, effective services. 

“We have a long list of well known clients and they require services on a much larger scale,” says CEO Sandra Mohr. “Also, as we see our new clients grow, it becomes necessary to elevate their level of PR to keep up the momentum.” 

Even though it would be great PR for Mohr Publicity to boast of their nationally known clients, it does not reveal the identities of their best patrons. “Our biggest clients do not want the public, or competitors to know how we promote them in television, movies and in the music industry,” says Mohr. “We respect their privacy and do our work 100% behind the scenes.” 

Mohr PR is where businesses get serious about implementing large-scale marketing promotions that can truly boost traffic and develop branding. 

Mohr Publicity Gold Standard Social Media Services include: 

- Twitter Promotions with Active Followers from the USA
- Facebook Promotions to Attract New Fans and Likes
- YouTube Promotions that are Safe, Adsense Approved and Effective
- Instagram Promotions Ranging from 100-100,000 Followers
- Book and Author Promotions to Boost Amazon and Kindle eBook Sales
- Movie and Film Promotions including IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and Amazon Reviews
- Press Releases and Article Posting to help clients Dominate Search Engines and NEWS
- Music Promotions that Launch New Artists, Bands, Songs and Musicians
- Website Promotions and SEO that will Dominate Google and the Internet

Mohr PR does not just stop with social media promotions. Irrespective of what other PR agencies say, Mohr Publicity PR firmly believes that news outlets like CNN and FOX still play a major role in spreading the word. So they also focus on spreading the word through Traditional media as well. Mohr PR understands the importance of getting their client’s story out there whether online or off. Their roster of 250,000 complete television, cable, magazine, newspaper, radio and other media contacts help the process grow seamlessly. 

“When I heard about Mohr Publicity PR’s services, I thought ‘it’s too good to be true’. But the next day I saw the results with my own eyes, and my mind was blown. I don’t think any other agency could have done it better. I have made up my mind, Mohr is gonna PR all my future projects too” — Alicia Clark, LA 

Mohr PR has 40 highly skilled social media technicians who know the knack of launching a business right into the highest levels of American mainstream consciousness. Mohr Publicity has always been one of America’s top PR agencies, and with the added bling of Mohr PR they are going even more places with their VIP Clients

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