China; 06, January 2015: There is a great demand for chemical products these days. Its usage in schools, colleges, research institutes, scientific laboratories and similar establishments have increased. There are special storing arrangements done for the chemicals owing to their intense reactive nature. Molbase is a one stop solution for the chemical needs of customers which connects global suppliers to buyers. It provides an e-commerce buying platform which saves time and effort of finding suppliers, checking price and availability. 

The job of a chemical supplier gets easier while dealing with Molbase. They can contact the global buyers directly to sell their products. Biopharmaceutical companies and chemical companies are welcome to do their online marketing by using the advanced features of the site. It increases their chances of selling as a large number of purchasers search for their choice of products online. They can also buy chemicals online after entering the CAS NO, products name and formula. Thus, it is possible to confirm the availability, price, manufacturer or supplier name and other details with a single search enquiry. 

All the buyers can send enquiries and place their orders on a regular basis. Molbase provides a secure online platform and the sellers charge wholesale prices only. It was established in April 2011 and receives support from Chinese Academy of Science. The contract research organisations can speed up their research and development process by providing access to many molecules. This open platform helps them to reduce the sourcing cost and time. 

Molbase has partnered with many reputed companies. Some of the names in this context are Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, Novartis, Sanof, Merck, etc. The website has a list of China based chemical suppliers from A to Z with their profile and product offerings. Their exact location also features in the information which makes the job of finding them easier. Professional buyers can also draw the structure of a particular chemical they are looking for or search simply entering the CAS No. 

The buyers get useful information on the properties of a chemical and safety data. For wholesale purchasers, there are details on product stock, packing, shipment and price ranges. They can access all the updated and real time data through a single search enquiry only. Molbase is the biggest chemical database of china which has free online inventory management system. It serves across fields of pharmaceuticals, custom synthesis, biomedical research and development, outsourcing, specialty chemicals, etc. 

About Molbase: 

Molbase is a web database of chemical products which links the buyers and vendors through search enquiry order. It aims to establish the biggest reliable and accurate chemical information database of the world. It is serving the local and international customers for more than four years. Visit the website for more information on the variety of chemical products available. 

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