China; 20 August, 2014: Chemicals and bio-chemicals find their use in a number of industries that may include the medicine industry, the pharmaceuticals industry, and many others. These industries are always in the lookout for companies and suppliers offering products they require. While looking for suppliers, the manufacturers also need to ensure that the quality of the product they buy is good. Apart from this, the price also becomes a factor because every industry would purchase from a supplier offering reasonable rates. Finding the right supplier with the right price and offering good and quality product is something that needs exhaustive researches about the supplier or the company. It is therefore that such industries look for a common platform where they can find a number of suppliers of the products they require so that they can choose the one that best suits them. Molbase is an online store offering a platform for the suppliers and buyers. The store offers different kinds of products that include chemicals, chemical intermediate, special chemicals, and biopharmaceutical. 

The online store offers an option where both the vendors and the buyers can have a common platform. The buyers get a wide selection of products from which they can choose according to the quality and price they want for the product. The suppliers also get a big platform where they can introduce their products to the customers. Molbase sets up direct links between the vendors and buyers and allow them to make direct dealings. The products can be selected by filling in their CAS numbers, product numbers, and formulae. The CAS No. when entered in the given space on the website, it reveals all the relevant data related to the product. 

The online store updates its collection and products on a regular basis. The collection is updated with improved and improvised products that should answer the needs of the customers. On the contrary, the chemical intermediate, biochemical, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and chemical suppliers get the opportunity to introduce their products to a sufficiently large base of customers from all over. This establishing of a direct link or platform for the buyers and vendors or suppliers helps in cost cutting. A number of industries can also be found that deal in the manufacturing of products. The search and enquiry platform offered by Molbase offers them an opportunity to supply and purchase. 

The online platform also allows the customers or buyers an opportunity whereby they can make enquiries about the different vendors. The online store is therefore a chemical search engine that offers the opportunity to purchase the most suitable product from an array of them available at the most reasonable of prices. 

About Molbase: 

Molbase is an online e commerce platform that allows the vendors and suppliers to directly link with the buyers and customers. The store offers such products as chemicals, biochemical, biopharmaceutical, chemical intermediate and other varieties. For more details, visit the website.