Mommy Please has opened up to the public to explain how their product’s quality standards are keeping children safe.

“[Mommy Please] is a company that’s responsible for teaching children healthy habits,” explains Rob Bowser, spokesman of Mommy Please, “ would be a contradiction to release anything that could cause health problems. So we don’t.” Bowser is referring to Mommy Please’s plastic toy food sets for kids that are intended to teach children healthy habits.

Some purchasers and reviewers on Mommy Please’s Amazon store have are concerned with the presence of Bisphenol-A (or BPA for short) in the plastic toys used by children. BPA is linked to increased estrogen in consumers which can cause health concerns; however, Mommy Please has made it clear that, according to to the scientific literature available, BPA is only leaked from a product when it is significantly heated as it would be in a microwave or oven. Mommy Please has ensured that their play foods are safer by using BPA, as BPA allows their Organic Pretend Food Choices Set to have a stronger construction so that children will not be able to bite off small pieces and swallow them.

Mommy Please has also expressed to the public that a good design and size is also critical for play food sets. If the size of any of the play foods is too small, children risk choking hazards. If the toy is breathable and not designed properly, there is a risk for mold accumulation (often seen in toy rubber ducks). Mommy Please developed their toy food set so that it is optimally sized and prevents mold accumulation.

The play food set includes 125 organic plastic food pieces that entail food categories such as vegetables, fruits, grains, fast foods, desserts, juices, canned goods, and more. The food variety allows children to make healthier food decisions as they read the “fun-fact labels” on the backs of the food.

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