Mommy Please describes mathematically why their organic, healthy choices food set has the best price on the market.

Mommy Please recently announced that their ultimate play food set on comes with 125 pieces at a discounted price of $23.91. According to Mommy Please, mathematically, their set is the best deal available. At $23.91 and 125 parts, the Price Per Piece (PPP) for the plastic foods is 19 cents. This means that parents who buy the healthy organic choices play food set for their kids pay a total of $0.19 for each food piece. “In comparison to our prices…” spokeswoman Elsie Murphey explained, “some of our competitors charge upwards of $1.00 per piece.”

With well over 100 food choices, Mommy Please’s play food set includes eggs, cucumbers, strawberries, apples, broccoli, bananas, cauliflower, oranges, bread and much more. Using this play set, children will have fun and enjoy pretending to shop, prepare foods, and cook while making the right choices for their health. The set not only includes variety, but it is also made of some of the highest quality materials that Mommy Please manufacturers were able to acquire.

The play food set is intended for children aged 3+, featuring food labels that provide value through fun facts about the food choices the child makes; this way children can learn about how organic, healthy foods compare to unhealthy foods in the standard American diet. Beyond the quality of the product itself, parents everywhere have expressed their sentiment, noting the incredible educational value of the product in reviews. Doctor’s offices and preschools use Mommy Please’s play food set because it works, and it brings benefit to children who gets the opportunity to use it.

Organic Pretend Food Choices from Mommy Please is currently available on for a limited time at $23.91 for a complete set of 125 play food choices. This deal is not expected to last long. To find out more information and see price comparisons, see
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