Mommy Please has officially announced the production safety precautions behind the construction of their famous organic toy food.

“It’s the harmful chemical that leaks estrogen producing hormones into your child’s body,” points out Elsie Murphy, spokeswoman of Mommy Please, “…and yes, it can alter the development of your child seriously. We don’t want that.” Murphy is hitting on the hard to ignore problems associated with Bisphenol A (BPA), a synthetic and organic compound that acts like the like the female hormone estrogen in the human body. Mommy Please has gone to great lengths to ensure that their Toy Foods are BPA free.

With 125 organic BPA Free toy foods designed in the United States, many verified-purchase reviewers on have commented on the quality of Mommy Please’s toy food. Being made of the durable BPA free plastic, Mommy Please also publically noted in their Amazon toy food listing that the toy food is shatterproof, safe, and hard enough to damage teeth if bitten. All of the previously listed features are attributed to the absence of BPA used in their production process.

Mommy Please exclusively makes high quality, organic play sets and toy foods and sells them to passionate parents on With almost 500 positive reviews, many customers are taking note of the safe materials used by Mommy please. The toy foods from Mommy Please include crackers, lemon, pizza, realistic waffle with butter, red pepper, green pepper, red apple, two green apples, asparagus, whole miniature chicken, chicken legs, bananas, broccoli, cauliflower, chocolate bars, carrots, ears of corn, orange slices, watermelon, mushroom, ice cream cones, cherry pie, strawberries, bread, hamburger buns, hamburger patty, sliced tomato, lettuce, cheese, hot dogs and buns, cucumber, eggs, donuts, purple and green grapes, potato chips, French fries, red and green peppers, pear, condiments, organic chocolate milk, organic milk, juice cartons, maple syrup, French bread, potatoes, tomatoes, croissants, and more.

The Mommy Please Toy Food can currently be found on with a limited-time discount at $23.91 (usually $39.99). Customers can also enjoy a wish list, 1-click ordering, and free shipping on Amazon on all orders over $49. To discover more about the toy food from Mommy Please as well as their BPA free plastic, visit
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