Mommy Please, the makers of high-quality organic play food sets, announced that they are giving away their 10 Irrefutable Laws of Child Development to the public as evidence and testament of their dedication to healthy child development across the world.

In their mission statement, Mommy Please notes that their company’s primary interest encompasses creating a world of healthy children and families. “It really is a shame that traditional education doesn’t require students to take a child development courses in college,” says one of Mommy Please’s spokespeople, “it would do nothing but benefit families and the entire world.” The company as a whole feels so strongly about their conviction to help young ones and families everywhere that they want to make the valuable information of child development available to everyone. Furthermore, Mommy Please is providing this information on a No-Strings-Attached basis; there is no pressure to purchase their famous Organic Pretend Food Set on Amazon.

Spokeswoman Elsie S. Murphy also noted that this promotion was occurring partly in celebration of over 1000 happy families making the decision to purchase Mommy Please’s play food set to supplement their child’s education. The set includes 125 plastic food pieces ranging from a whole pizza and frosted donuts to fresh fruits and organic vegetables. The set is intended to allow children aged three years old and up to learn how to make healthy food choices at a young age, hopefully paying dividends for years to come.

Mommy Please is allowing free access to their 10 Irrefutable Laws of Child Development. However, Mommy Please does not want their giveaway to be misconstrued as an attempt to teach parents how to raise their children. The company is also currently holding a discount on their toy food so that parents can supplement their child development skills and knowledge with fun, educational toys.

Find Mommy Please’s organic plastic food set for kids at this link:
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