After seeing a massive increase in popularity, Mommy Please (the makers of a popular organic toy food set for kids) released their mission statement. The company’s spokeswoman Elsie Murphy commented on the announcement stating, “... I hope that parents will see [through the mission statement] that Mommy Please is interested in nothing but making a healthy world by educating healthy children.” The company has focused all of their efforts and resources on making an organic healthy play food set as an educational tool. Mommy Please’s mission statement follows:

"Mommy Please ventures to innovate and produce iconic, affordable, and premium-quality products while dedicating time and resources to satisfy every customer’s needs. Furthermore, Mommy Please desires nothing more than to create products that will help improve every household by giving parents the tools they need to raise happy and healthy children."

Mommy Please offers the healthy choices organic plastic food and play food set on currently. The set has 125 pieces that include plastic foods such as peas, orange slices, organic orange juice, grapes, peppers, organic corn, watermelon, apples, strawberries, eggs, and more. The set also features unhealthy foods like pizza, hamburgers, white bread, donuts, ice cream, and more. With fun facts on the nutrition labels of all foods, children can learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods while playing and having fun. This product embodies Mommy Please’s mission statement for a healthier world.

Armed with over 400 incredibly positive reviews on, the play food set from Mommy Please is designed featuring the work of custom artists in the United States. Mommy Please is also so dedicated to happy customers that their Play Food Set includes a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, or money back. Discounted for a limited time, the play food set is available on Amazon for $23.91. also currently sports verified-purchaser reviews as well as free shipping on all orders over $49.

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