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PR 24x7 Network Limited offers matchless media monitoring services to customers

Media monitoring is the activity of monitoring the output of the print, online and broadcast media. It can be conducted for a variety of reasons, including political, commercial, scientific, and so on.

In business

In the commercial sphere, this activity is usually carried out in house or by a media monitoring service, a private company that provides such services to other companies, organizations and individuals on a subscription basis.

The services that media monitoring companies provide typically include the systematic recording of radio and television broadcasts, the collection of press clippings from print media publications, and the collection of data from online information sources. The material collected usually consists of any media output that makes reference to the client, its activities and/or its designated topics of interests. The monitoring of online consumer sources such as blogs, forums and social networks is more specifically known as buzz monitoring which informs the company of how its service or product is perceived by users.

 PR 24x7 Network Limited is leading Media monitoring and Research company of country,   capable of fulfilling expectations of all clients. When a businessman is little or more worried about fall in the business, when a corporate loses sleeps due to more activeness of competitors, when despite all out efforts the present business is not yielding the expected results, then the affected concern searches the effective remedy. During last decade the need of a competent monitoring company was felt by such sufferers and a few names have emerged on the screen also, but whether all of them were competent enough to meet the requirements of their clients? No.

PR 24x7 Network Limited is providing value added services to its clients from 46 prime destinations of country, including the following services:

- TV (16 News Channels)

- Online (500+ Portals and blogs)

- E papers (From 476 destinations}

- Magazines (60+ business magazines)

- News Papers

Key notes:

Media Monitoring

The media monitoring team of PR 24x7 Network Limited monitors newspapers, periodicals and online site based on the keywords related to its clients and their respective competitors. Intelligent tracking of client and industry reportage keeps its clients abreast with valuable information on a daily basis.


The research team of PR 24x7 Network Limited analyses the reportage to provide information about the positioning/image of its clients in Print and online media. The key functions of research team includes assigning tonality to the news pieces & editorials, measuring the impact of PR activities, analyzing the trend and comparing the positioning of clients brand with its competitors. With its products : monthly media analysis dossier, Press Release impact report, Industry newsletters and quarterly reports, company  helps the clients to develop the right strategy to overcome the challenges they face across media.

Deliverables (Daily)

- 8:00 AM Online Updates

- 8:30 AM SMS Updates

- 9:30 AM Financial & Mainline Coverage Grid

- 10:30 AM Regional Coverage Grid

- 11:30 AM Competitors Coverage

- 12:30 AM Industry / Policy Updates

- 4:00 AM Evening Coverage Updates


Reports-Print & Online

- Media Analysis Dossiers

- Comparative reports

- Press Release Impact Reports

- Industry Analysis

- Monthly Newsletters

- Key Message Analysis

What PR 24x7 Network Limited makes exclusive is that the company does not believe in lethargy in reporting system. Daily reports on clients and competitors are tracked and sent to clients well before they leave beds for cup of tea. Our own strong network in 18 states and 46 cities facilitates us in sticking to time schedule.


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