recently published a review the P90 workout, a fitness program designed by Tony Horton. The P90 Workout has been advertised as a 90 day transformation designed for everyone. This fitness program claims to transcend age and fitness level, to leave individuals with a healthy and fit body.  Unlike other Beachbody workouts which are known for their high level of intensity, the P90 Workout can help individuals attain their desired fitness level, at a lower intensity and effort. According to, the fitness program is designed for everyone who wants to get in shape or stay in shape, without the hard routines usually associated with being fit and healthy.

The P90 Workout consists of 3 phases, which basically revolves around the concept of simple cardio and resistance training. Each phase has been designed to gradually push an individual’s body past its old limits. According to, as the days progress an individual can get a leaner and more muscular body and after 90 days, attain the desired fit, strong and sculpted body. The exercises allow for some modifications so that every individual can ease into movements that may be hard for them to execute in the beginning.

The P90 fitness program has been described as revolutionary by many satisfied users. A fitness enthusiast added, “Tony Horton, with his decades of experience has created the amazing P90 fitness program which is less intense but delivers the same results as any of the other P90X series. The P90 workout program challenges the basic premises of fitness.” further describes the P90 as the only fitness program that individuals can continue to do even after they achieve their results. While the P90 workout program has many benefits, according to, it also has some drawbacks. One of the major weak spots of this program is that while it defines and strengthens muscles, the muscle mass gained is not as much as those seen in body builders.

According to the website, the P90 workout program is the ideal workout option for everyone who has been intimidated by the difficult and extremes programs available in the market. To get more information please go to

About provides a detailed and objective review of the P90 workout program.

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