Hydroponics has been slowly but steadily growing in popularity over the past few years. As population density figures are increasing all around the United States, and most developed countries, people have less space available to spread out and grow their own plants, but Hydroponics is a great way of getting past those pesky spatial limitations. But, to run a successful Hydroponics system, you need to purchase a lot of equipment, accessories and nutrients and additives like Hygrozyme, and Azomite. Setting up a new Hydroponics system is rather costly, so you need to be able to make informed decisions as to what you should buy and where you should buy it from. Keep reading to find out more about Hygrozyme, and Azomite, see if they’re the products your system needs, and to know what to look for in a reliable online Hydroponics store.


When you’re using a Hydroponics system to grow plants, fruits, vegetables or herbs in water you need to make sure your plants get all the nutrients they would if they were growing in actual soil. This means adding nutrient solutions to the water in the Hydroponics tanks, as well as other solutions meant to help plant growth and to give extra protections against pathogens and bacteria.


Azomite is a natural mineral product, mined in Utah (USA). It consists of a mix of more than 70 different minerals and other trace elements. It’s normally used in Aquacultures and Hydroponics as a re-mineralizer and it’s sold as a feeding additive. Using Azomite is bound to generate some important advantages for your plants, as it’s reported to help generate plant robustness  when used to grow garden vegetables and in field crops, and when used in Aquacultures it is shown to help root systems. If you like using organic products you’ll be happy to know that Azomite is OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed, because it’s 100% natural. The rock is mined in Utah, crushed up and transported to be sold.


Hygrozyme, on the other hand, is an enzyme-based product, largely hailed to be the newest and best Hydroponics on the market. What Hygrozyme actually does is helps decompose old, diseased roots and to stimulate new root growth. Hygrozyme is completely free of bacteria, which means two different things. First, it means that the product doesn’t spoil and can be stored for very long periods of time. Second, it means that using the product won’t give bacteria an entry point into your Hydroponics system.


In years past, depending on where you lived, you’d have to travel smaller or larger distances, going from one Hydroponics store to the next in search of the products you needed. Now, more and more online Hydroponics stores are opening up, and that means convenience and ease of shopping. Are you a beginner Hydroponics enthusiast and looking to find a reliable online store to call your own? Look for an online store with knowledgeable and friendly sales personnel. When you’re starting out, you have many questions, and having them answered only generates more questions, so you need to know you have someone there to help when you need it.



Find out more about the nutrients you need for your Hydroponics system like Hygrozymeor Azomite and see some tips on finding a reliable online store to buy from.