31 December, 2013: A popular low-cost airline has recently added two new flights between Paris and London to their repetoire, meaning more Britons are likely to be requesting transfers from Charles De Gaulle airport to Paris in the near future. 

The new twice-daily flights, planned to get under way in March 2014, will connect Charles de Gaulle airport to London Gatwick, providing Britons with more travel options to the capital of France. 

Flight departure times from London Gatwick will take place at 2.45pm and 5pm, arriving in Paris at 5pm and 8.20pm, respectively. Return flights will leave Paris ten minutes later. As a consequence, while UK-bound travellers living or staying in France will be able to ‘make a day trip of it’, the same will not be possible for UK-based travellers, due to the difference in time zones. 

Even still, these flights are set to provide Britons with at least a few benefits. Not least among them is the fact that access to the South Bank of the Thames will be made easier. Ever since the re-location of the Eurostar terminal from London Waterloo train station to London St Pancras, Londoners living in the south have found it more difficult to return home from the major London airports, which is a problem that these flights will partially help fix. On the French side, transfers from Charles De Gaulle airport to Paris are likely to see a boost in demand from British customers, and the same is likely to happen for hotel rooms as well. 

The route now used by the low-cost operator had previously been flown by two other companies, including the leading British airline. Both air travel operators, however, terminated the services years ago and no replacement had been put into place until now. As such, this link, sure to attract a high number of passengers from both countries, represents a shrewd business opportunity for the operator in question. 

After opening this service next year, the airline company’s next planned course of action is to open a route linking Newcastle and London, which they deem sorely necessary. This link will also consist of two flights a day, departing and arriving at London Gatwick, and is scheduled to be in place by the summer of next year. 

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