Ottawa, ON — Across Canada today, more parents than ever before are relying on the professional services of nannies in order to care for their children.  Canadian nanny agencies are popping up all over the country in order to meet this unprecedented demand.  Choosing the right nanny for a child is never an easy decision, as it means relinquishing the responsibility of caring for a child to a third party.  Nonetheless, many parents find that once a decision has been made, their lives are improved significantly and there are many advantages for the children as well.  The key is to first find an agency that can be trusted, with a good reputation for placing experienced, professional childcare experts into the homes of their clients.

One such agency with a track record of happy clients is Ayah Nannies.  This private nanny agency is an established business that has been offering both live-in and live-out nanny services in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver since 2009.  All of their nannies are professionally trained in order to meet the high expectations of clients.  Their primary responsibility is to the welfare and care of the children whom they've been tasked with caring for by the parents.  To this end, the nannies are constantly engaging the children, implementing daily schedules and activities to keep them preoccupied and entertained, as well as reporting to parents on a regular basis anything of importance or concern.  The idea is to make the lives of the parents a little easier and less stressful, while at the same time broadening the imaginations of the children under their care by means of socialization and experiences.  In many situations, outdoor activities as well as projects are planned that help to increase the child's appreciation and knowledge of the world around them.

Of course, among the many duties of the nanny, none are as important as the simple day-to-day tasks that are required of the position.  Many of the professional childcare experts at Ayah Nannies and other agencies are trained in preparing healthy and delicious meals as well as completing light house cleaning should the need arise. They do this in order to create a better environment in which the child can develop, as well as to keep things tidy so the parents are not overburdened from the pressures of maintaining a clean household.

The many advantages of utilizing Canadian nanny agencies over public care facilities cannot be overstated.  First, the child is less likely to contract an illness during flu season or when cold viruses are rampant throughout the community.  Most importantly, however, the parents themselves can choose exactly who they want looking after their own children. This level of personalized care is simply not available from public facilities.  And agencies such as Ayah Nannies further accommodate parents by offering flexible schedules, allowing for parents to have professional nanny services available when they need it the most.  By using such a service, most parents can save money when compared to the cost of placing two or more children into public daycare.  With the many advantages that private care affords, one could aptly describe it as an incredible value.  It isn't any wonder why so many Canadian households now rely upon the superior Canadian nanny services  provided by companies such as Ayah Nannies.

Families needing childcare or eldercare services, can contact Ayah Nannies for assistance in choosing the right nanny.

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