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Whilst the recent bad weather may have hampered agricultural shows, fairs and fetes throughout the country, with more rain on its way, Farmers should be capitalising on this free resource, according to plastic water tanks specialist, Enduramaxx.

With last Friday delivering a month’s worth of rain in a single day across much of Britain, the rain is set to continue as more bad weather sweeps in from the Atlantic.  However, although more rain is on its way, it is not going to be the wettest July on record, which according to the MeteoGroup was 2007.

Water supplies, including river extraction, are becoming increasingly debated and sore subjects across much of agriculture as restrictions are regularly put into place.  With impending mains water price rises on the horizon, farmers should be looking to manage their own water supplies more effectively.  One way of achieving this is through rainwater harvesting solutions.

Enduramaxx, an established supplier of storage tanks for all agricultural liquids and chemicals, specialises in rainwater harvesting solutions.  With many farming properties containing buildings with large roof areas, rain is collected and directed into large, dedicated rainwater storage tanks.  Enduramaxx rainwater tanks are available in sizes ranging from 25 litres, through to a huge 30,000 litre storage tank.  They are made using a single piece of rotationally-moulded, UV-stabilised polyethylene, meaning that they are a very rugged tank that keeps water protected from the elements.

Enduramaxx also manufactures storage tanks ideal for agricultural organisations, including chemical storage tanks, conical tanks for settlement, brewing and biodiesel production, and also tanks specifically designed to store fertiliser, molasses, wastewater and effluent.

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