In the past, customers only had banks to turn to whenever they needed credit. This left out a significant number who did not meet the banks’ loan approval criteria. Mortgage brokers in Hamilton are now offering alternative lending solutions to fill the gap.

Mortgage brokers are loan specialists who bridge between lenders and people shopping for loans. They work with private and institutional lenders to provide suitable loans for different clients. Their skills gained over the years have helped the brokers build relationships with lenders who use different loan approval techniques. This means that with a mortgage broker you can get a second mortgage with a bad credit score, low income, or other unpaid loans.

Hamilton Mortgage Brokers offer different services including debt consolidation, renovation, and education loans. An education loan may be used to fund high school, college, or university tuition fees. Some people need renovations done on their properties but lack the money for it. Mortgage brokers help in finding lenders for a renovation loan. After renovations, a client can sell their home for a better price or be able to borrow more money using it as security. Keeping up with multiple loan payments is hectic especially for low-income earners. Mortgage Brokers in Hamilton come to the rescue with debt consolidation loans that are better manageable and less likely to cause further damage to credit score.

While banks rely on credit score to approve loans, mortgage brokers offer an alternative in private lenders. These are companies or individuals who base their lending decisions on property equity and not credit score or income. They are sensitive to risk which they evaluate by dividing the total value of debts by a property’s value hoping for 85%. Mortgage Brokers in Hamilton cannot exceed the 85% LTV threshold to avoid making losses.

To get a bank loan in Canada, residents need 600 or more credit score points. Working with mortgage brokers allows consumers to access to other types of lenders willing to negotiate without paying attention to credit score.

Mortgage brokers offer a variety of loan products to suit various needs. With banks, a client has to be content with the pre-drawn mortgage agreement which might not be tailored to their needs. Private lenders are willing to customize loans terms and conditions to give the client a fair chance to rebuild their finances and pay back on time. Late bank loan payment results in a poor credit score but with a flexible loan from mortgage brokers in Hamilton, customers can pay small amounts over a longer period.

Mortgage Brokers in Hamilton are more personal in their service compared with bankers. Thus, customers will get more assistance from a broker during and after the mortgage process. With mortgage brokers, customers gain valuable information to help them choose the best loans for their needs. Brampton Mortgage Brokers work closely with customers in tracing the best alternative lending solutions.