Russia; 13, August 2015: Photography has been a passion for huge amount of people around the world. It is not only limited to a specific area of work as the photographers love to take photos of beautiful scenery, wedding photos, streets of different countries and much more. Today photography has evolved to be a profession for huge amount of people and they like to work under experienced photographers that have been working in this field for a long time. At this stage there are various institutions and professionals looking to motivate budding photographers for their work. Moscowfotoawards is one such event that looks forward to award talent and give prize to talented photographers for their contribution in this field.

Awarding people for their contribution in the field of art helps in attracting more and more people to join this field. There are photo contests held in different regions of the world where people can expect to meet talented photographers from various countries. The entry fees for a single person to the Moscow International Foto awards in professional field is $20 for a person with single image, $30 per series and $10 for additional categories. When it comes to non-professional field the photographers need to pay $15 for single image, $20 for series of images and $10 for additional categories.

Moscow International Foto Awards is one such event that is respected by various photographers around the world. It aims to promote photography as a profession and motivate more and more people to take part in this field. This photography competition includes categories like advertising, portfolio awards, books, fine arts, architecture, editorial and much more. In is one of the most high paying photography contests that gives away a MIFA trophy and cash prize of $3000.

In this photo competition the new talent of a particular year is provided a prize of MIFA trophy and cash prize of $1000. There is also a category named moving images where the winner is given away MIFA trophy and cash prize of $500. These photo awards increase the competition among photographers around the world and bring out the best in them. It gives recognition to this field and more and more numbers of people join such events. Meeting new people in such events helps people discover new ideas about this field and learn more. There are various photography students being invited in this event and they can talk to experienced photographers. It also promotes their work in this field and various art enthusiasts get to know about their contribution in the field of photography.

About Moscow International Foto Awards:


Moscow International Foto Awards is going to be held in September this year. The last date for payment is 31st August and every photography enthusiasts is welcomed to get an entry into this event. There is a detailed FAQ on the website of the organizers to get information about prizes, paying for the entry and much more. To get more information one can visit the above mentioned website.