August 4, 2015, United States- Simply Web is now offering wide-ranging end-to-end solutions to customers worldwide, which is inclusive of WordPress support services such as WordPress Maintenance, and Fully managed WordPress Hosting & Custom WordPress jobs like WordPress Installation, theme setup / customization / tweak & Other small 1 Hour Custom WordPress Jobs.

WordPress is indeed one of the highly versatile and flexible platforms for building a dynamic website with easy installations and several web hosting packages. In other words, it has become a first choice for individuals and businesses alike due to its ease of use and literally thousands of plug-ins that allow users to customize their website. However, once the WordPress site gains popularity, it becomes quite hard for the website owners to deal with the crashes, bugs or broken things, which require an expert who can deal with these issues.

The Simpy Web team with its years of experience can easily handle such problems with ease through its comprehensive WordPress maintenance and support services. One of the great features of their services is that they do most of the things manually like manual verifications, broken things, manually start security scans, manually block suspicious IPs, check for bugs, etc.

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