United Kingdom, October 8, 2013 A wedding reception often means everything to a marrying couple and they pay a great deal of attention to make it really a memorable and special event of their life. Besides great food, a classy decoration and lots many other exciting arrangements, a wedding entertainment also plays an important role in turning a wedding reception into an event of the lifetime. There can be several types of possibilities when it comes to organizing an entertainment at a wedding. Recently, noted magician Tom London conducted an informal survey and asked 1000 Brits about the most exciting entertainment choices. Surprisingly, a magic performance emerged as a top-rated entertainment option at a wedding ceremony.

Tom London’s survey revealed several key facts about people’s choices about entertainment at a wedding event. Dancing and the band performance emerged as the top two choices among the Britons while the performance by a wedding magician got the third spot with 3.2% votes. There were several other less-prioritized choices too such as music, stripper, disco etc. But these three top choices jointly get more than 20% of people’s vote. On the basis of this finding, Tom maintains that a sizeable population in Britain would always love to watch a magic performance at a wedding reception.

The complete data related to Tom’s survey is available on his website and which reveal how people prefer fun-filled and family entertainment options such as magic performances, dancing and band performances. Tom himself has witnessed this growing trend and has performed in many wedding events in London and other cities in the United Kingdom. Besides, performing for corporate events, the growing demand from wedding organizers somehow surprised him. This is the reason why he decided to carry out this informal survey. And the result of the survey helps understand that he would have a hectic schedule during the marriage season.

Tom London offers spectacular magic shows and great magical performances for corporate parties, wedding receptions and other types of events. To learn more about his survey and get the complete details, one may follow the link http://www.tomlondonmagic.com/i-asked-1000-brits-whats-the-most-exciting-entertainment-you-have-seen-at-a-wedding/ .

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Tom London is a talented magician who performs as a Table Magician, Wedding Magician, Corporate Magician, Party Magician and a close up magician. He has performed all over the world for high-profile clients and celebrities. Tom is often found performing close up magic, exhibiting his sleight of hand magic at private parties, corporate events, weddings, and birthday parties.

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