Car Mot will be just £35.00 for online booking and reservation. Simply complete their online MOT Booking Form and they will make an appointment.

MOT Bay Reading at MOT Centre has opened the opportunities to book an MOT test via their website. In limited time, online booking and special offer will be available. Car Mot will be just £35.00 for online booking. Being one of the necessary tests for vehicle owners, MOT must be done every year to proof that vehicles still be driven on the road.  When it comes to MOT test, owners of vehicles need to choose the right place to get tested.

The owner of MOT Centre is excited to deliver this news to all of the vehicle owners.
“The capability of taking reservation of MOT through the online website will make things easier and more convenient. Our website has been established to reach out to more people at Reading and Berkshire areas who look for a way to get the test of legality for the vehicle.” Owner said

“It’s a measure taken to make sure that vehicles running on the road are all in good condition. The time when the vehicle deemed to be unworthy of running on the road, it’s when the vehicle doesn’t pass the MOT test.” Technical Manager said

MOT is one essential test must be done by vehicle owners. Now that online reservation has been opened, acquiring time and place to get MOT test becomes easier. The owner of MOT Center understands how the easiness in accessing information as well as the test for MOT is needed. The online book service is only available for limited time with a special offer of car MOT for only £35.00.

MOT Centre is located at 127a Wigmore Lane Reading. The request for MOT testing will be taken care up to 23.30 p.m in the evening Monday through to Saturday. Aside from MOT testing for both cars and motorcycles, vehicle owners also get repair service. Additionally, there will be ECU remapping service that will be useful to get around 30% better car torque performance as well as the 20% better fuel economy.

About MOT Centre
MOT Centre is an established business providing auto services including Mot Bay South Reading to the wide range of loyal customers within the areas of Berkshire and Reading. They are reputable for providing cost-efficient service professionally within the areas.

MOT Centre
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