11, December 2014: Jennifer Zamora-Jamison lost her husband seven years ago, following a distracted-driving crash, but more just recently lost her daughter too. Now, she’s just plain upset, saying… “I’m actually more upset this time than 7 years back, mostly because of the absence of concerns about highway safety in Texas. I’ve just lost too many love ones in my family through distracted-driving.” The Texan resident now plans to tell her story to Texas lawmakers when new legislation starts in early 2014.

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According to Jennifer Smith, executive director of SD (Stop Distractions,) Texas is just among six US states that doesn’t have a ban on text messaging behind the wheel, with the remainder States being Arizona, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana and Oklahoma. SD says they are also pushing for tougher laws in Texas, where 1 from 5 crashes is the outcome of distracted-driving.

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Politicians and legislators are currently discussing whether they need to ban the use of mobile devices while driving. In spite of the political argument, few would disagree that mobile device use was a kind of distracted-driving, as well as being really hazardous, and supported by the fact that nearly 1 out of 5 crashes involve a sidetracked driver. Detailed research from the Texas Department of Transportation reveals that out of the 3,377 Texas traffic associated deaths in 2013, 460 / 14% involved a distracted motorist, whereas 32 percent of accidents involved an intoxicated driver.

Surveys would indicate that individuals do agree that using a smartphone does distract drivers while driving. Whether it needs to be a punishable offense or not, surveys suggest it should, with one pollster suggesting that there is probably a requirement for an app that would warn motorists about engaging in such habits. Current data though suggests that vehicle drivers utilizing a smartphone while driving is on the rise.

According to Neil Speight, co-director of Freddie and Sebbie, if no procedures are put in place to neutralize the rising use of smartphones by motorists, there would be no way to stop it, who stated…”With the increasing quantity of things that can be achieved with electronic gadgets, I can see distracted driving becoming a lot more commonplace.” He added… “I often find moms and dads saying how awkward they feel about being distracted while driving, saying that crunch time arrived when they needed to grab something in the rear-seat automobile organizer. Our company has just responded to their worries, by publishing a front-seat vehicle organizer on Amazon, which we hope will become a contributory factor towards helping minimize the rate of distracted-driving by motorists with kids in the back of the auto.”

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