(Free Press Release) WBTV Channel 3 news ran a feature story on Enventys, an innovations company. The feature included excerpts from an interview with Robyn Pellei, a local Charlotte Mom entrepreneur and mother of 9 small children, who founded a successful product company

Charlotte, NC - September 10,2010 -- Channel 3 news ran a WBTV feature story on Enventys including Robyn Pellei from ViveVita. Enventys is an innovations company that helps inventors bring their products from concept to production and to market.

The feature included excerpts from an interview with Robyn Pellei, local Mom entrepreneur and mother of 9 small children, ages 1-10 years. Robyn founded ViveVita, a product company based in Charlotte, NC, that found success by helping make everyday life easier for Moms. Enventys was able to help Robyn take several of her innovations on their path from the drawing board to the market.

Robyn‘s award-winning product Bandette, shown in the video, is distributed and sold nationally and internationally. Distribution channels include the US and Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia. Bilingual packaging has broadened appeal and is opening doors in Central and South America, Europe and Africa. Retailers carrying one or more products from ViveVita include Babies-R-Us, BuyBuyBaby, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Amazon.com.

About ViveVita
ViveVita, roughly translating to "living life,” is a consumer products company that creates innovative lifestyle products to solve real problems experienced in the home. Founded in 2004 by Robyn Pellei, an entrepreneur and mother of nine, ViveVita's product lines currently include Bandette cup labels and Gripsterz, a fun alternative to a child leash. ViveVita products combine everyday function with flair and personality to suit the needs of both parents and children. For further information on ViveVita, visit www.vivevita.com

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