Viewers who are keen to enjoy QuickTime movies, videos and clips on devices like laptops, PCs and portable gadgets can now rejoice. There is a new MOV Player on the racks which is formulated by the best professionals in the industry for playing QuickTime format with excellent quality. The simplistic interface makes it perfectly usable by users of all levels, irrespective of the level of technical expertise one holds.

The MOV Player is built upon a lightweight design. So it gets installed quickly and is also very fast in processing. Being exclusively formulated for QuickTime only, the video quality it generates is admirably great.100% clean and free from adware, it furthermore does not pose an inch of risk to the device performance in anyway. It also abstains from interfering with other existing applications and programs in a device. The first release has a free version included whereby the software can be downloaded and installed gratis to view MOV as and when desired.

If simplicity is the essence of this QuickTime alternative, then it has to be admitted that the interface steals the show. The layout is too good and playback, pause, stop, rewind or forward can all be done with single clicks. The files are enabled to be viewed in the full-screen mode as well and personalized playlists can also be created. The app is a simple solution to watch QuickTime basically and for the same reason not too much of advanced features have been cramped in it to mar the minimalism.

A representative from the developers’ office has this to say, “If effortless and simplistic MOV viewing is the call, this is the app to explore….there isn’t a better alternative available”.

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About MOV Player

The MOV Player, is a great application to download for QuickTime movie playback.  The MOV Player works through a simplistic interface and is a free and clean tool to use.

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