MOVIES NOW brings an Xclusive Indian Premier of Tai Chi Hero


Mumbai, January 2013:Last month, MOVIES NOW introduced you to the exciting world of TAI CHI and its fighting wonders. Taking this a step further, for the very first time on Indian Television, catch the engaging martial arts extravaganza, ‘Tai Chi Hero’ only on MOVIES NOW as an Xclusive feature this Saturday, 25th January 2014 @ 9pm.

If the visual effects and story in the first segment- Tai Chi Zerocaptured your hearts,the cinematography and art direction of its sequel‘Tai Chi Hero’will leave you enchanted! Coupled with tongue and cheek humourand intriguing fight scenes played by the characters Lu Chan,Yuniang and Peter Stormore, this period drama will enthrall you to the hilt.

The popular franchise gets much more intense with stars like Angelababy, Jayden Yuan, and Tony Leung Ka-Fai making it a path breaking film and creating a niche of its own in world cinema.Garnering aworld-wide box office record of over $20 million,the blockbuster became a favourite amongst one and all. Influenced by the gaming world, the Kung Fu upshots will certainly knock you off your seat.

Giving it a passionate and challenging aftermath, the legendary stunt coordinator Sammo Hung has choreographed the stunts for the protagonist Yang Lu Chan.The shifting camerawork, jump cuts, and bouncy stylization makeTai Chi Hero an impressive and remarkable package.

Don’t miss the exclusive Indian premiere of Tai Chi Heroonly on MOVIES NOW!



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