Mr Bachchan shares his love story with KBC Contestant
The first contestant to come on the hot seat is Gadhiya Rajeshkumar a police officer from Surendranagar Gujarat. The next contestant to come on hot seat is Archana Tirkey from Ranchi. She is a branch head in Bank of Baroda. Her daughter is severely unwell, she has an eye sight and brain problem and hence she is here to earn money for her operation
Amidst the gameplay, AB shares the moment when he proposed to Jaya. He reminisces the time when they both met on a movie set, where initially they were just co-stars but after doing several movies together they bonded very well. He had made a resolution that if Zanjeer becomes a hit he will go abroad with Jaya. Luckily, the movie did very well at the box office and he fulfilled his wish of going abroad with Jaya. However AB’s father had a condition that he can only go if he marries her and hence AB and Jaya were married the next day itself.