United Kingdom; 29, December 2014: Fashion and style are two key elements which define the personality of any individual. Like women, men also need to look smart and appropriate for every occasion they go out to. The trends and fashion keeps on changing with addition of new styles and designs. Shirts are worn for both casual and professional events. Shirts have come in various shapes and sizes and different kind of styles over the last few decades. From the big baggy shirts to the tight body fit shirts of today. People usually buy them from the traditional stores and fashion brands near their area. But with everything going online, a large number of people have started buying them online. Seeking the scope of offering products at cost effective rates and in custom designs, Mr. Tailor has come up with its own revolutionary service which offers a new way for shopping online and finding the perfect shirts for men.

Their online store brings together a fusion of traditional tailoring which is combined with modern fashion. The promoters project and promote the store as an online based fashion service for the discerning men. The primary focus of the store is to offer high-end stylish and high quality shirts like the bespoke shirt by allowing the customers to select from a range of shirts offered. Their store brings the most advanced forms of tailoring of today’s era which is clubbed with various designs aided by cutting edge technology. They are available in their own measurements, style, colors, materials, and patters to suit the needs of almost every customer. The unique selling point of the store is the fact that Mr. Tailor has created an ethos of luxury quality clothing.

The store offers a unique feature where customers can design their own shirt through the feature known as “Design a Shirt”. Here the customer is free to choose the colors, styles, sleeves, collars, fabric quality, plackets, and various other elements to construct their own custom shirt. Once they finalize their designs, the feature calculates the price for the final tailored shirt and offers the price estimate to the customer. This unique feature enables a customer to have a shirt which is made to measure shirt as per the wishes and ideas of the customers themselves. This unique feature deletes the age old limitations where customers could not find everything they wished in an already made shirt. The store also features a range of accessories for the customers to choose from.

About Mr. Tailor:


Mr. Tailor is an online store which features an innovative new idea of selling shirts to customers based on their own ideas and wishes. The site offers a range of custom designs, fabrics, and colors to choose from. Besides the company also sells a vast range of accessories to suit every occasion for men.