Mughal Empire Indulges in a Celebratory Gala with Urvashi and Birbal's Engagement


Be a part of the most awaited engagement of Birbal and Urvashi on Holi

With Holi around the corners, BIG MAGIC’S historic comedy drama HarMushkilKa Hal- Akbar Birbal is adding more colors to it with Birbal-Urvashi’s engagement. The announcement of engagement brings dual joy in Mughal Empire but little did they know that another surprise is waiting for Birbal on his way. Catch Birbal getting into a trap on Friday, March 6 at 9:00 PM on BIG MAGIC.

With the announcement of Birbal and Urvashi’s engagement on the day of Holi, there comes a surprise for Birbal. King Harshwardhan comes with his niece and requests Birbal to marry her. Emperor Akbar politely denies the proposal and offers King Harshwardhan to stay back for Birbal-Urvashi’s engagement. During the festivities, when dancers performCharkula dance, someone from the crowd attacks Birbal but he manages to escape with minor injuries. King Harshwardhan convinces everyone that the attack was meant for him. Soon after, while playing Lathmar Holi, Birbal gets attacked once again. Who is the face behind these attacks? Are these attacks really for King Harshwardhan? Will Birbal be able to solve this mystery?

Watch the engagement special episode full with colors, festivities and mystery on Friday, March 6 at 9:00 PM on BIG MAGIC