Golden Way Media announced an effective online reputation management service.  The company focuses on helping small businesses with their branding and reputation management on search engines and social media.  There are a lot of frustrations in world wide web today which has made life for some companies especially small businesses difficult. Sometimes an offender is not a client or acquaintance, he or she is someone who take pleasure out of annoying companies online.

In fact, it’s a frustration shared by internet users of all stripes: What to do about those few users who seem to have nothing better to do with their time than spread hate-filled misinformation about your product, service or message.

“Don’t feed the trolls,” is one of the cardinal rules of digital marketing and online behavior, generally. But what if you could go a step beyond that? What if you could simply make those annoying users disappear?
Golden Way Media, the multilingual digital marketing( company done just that with their online reputation management and anti-defamation services which reveal anonymous defamers and  their true identities. They are a digital marketing agency offering effective and quality digital marketing services to a variety of clients in Europe and North America. This company's experts have developed an effective method for ranking any keywords online through their ethical search engine optimization strategies.

"I’d love to talk more with you about how Internet Trolls are working to poison the online environment for the majority of users who play nice, play fair and want to help support a vibrant, information-based community, and to share our tips for dealing with that handful of time-consuming, energy-sucking anonymous users we all know by their common name: The Trolls." says CEO and founder Maria Johnsen.
Small business can hire Golden Way Media for their online reputation service.  These experts help to outrank negative reviews from the first page of search engines and recover businesses from bad reputation caused by certain offenders.

About Golden Way Media:
The company established in May 2009 in Trondheim Norway. They specialize in providing solutions in areas of SEO, web design,  logo design , social media marketing  ,  pay per click ad management and  mobile marketing  services with an inspiring record of being able to blend skills into their offering. This company  provide a one step service center for all of your professional online needs.

Golden Way Media specializes in providing services to companies that need a reliable partner to increase their sales and visibility!

Address: Golden Way Media Inc.
Urdsvei 5 7033 Trondheim, Norway
Phone: +47 90 61 27 31
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